Another One Born Every Minute – Mass Media Gone Mad

Metro Herald Royal BabyIs it just me, or has the worlds media devoted WAAAAYYYY too much time and energy regarding the coverage of the pregnancy and recent birth of the newest member of the Windsor family. One would have thought that there were far more important or interesting things to cover, such as the recent earthquake in China, the about face of the Russian dictatorship with regards to Alexey Navalny’s recent court case or the announcement thatĀ scientists have found of way of regrowing retina’s using stem cells which in turn can help reverse blindness!

I am generally the first to skip past Sky News on any given day, but even quicker when either Tim Marshall or Kim Burley are occupying the screen. So imagine my delight when I saw someone take the opportunity to poke fun at the entire exaggerated, overblown coverage whilst being interviewed by that Dame of histrionics herself, Kay Burley, and it turns out he was Ze German, no less. Utterly hilarious.

Now that the royal tike has finally arrived, I hope that we can all move on to more important things in life, like will he be breastfed or not, will William be changing any shitty nappies and how long will I have to wait until this stem cell thing is available on the NHS!

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