Your Life – In Jelly Beans


If measured out in individual jelly beans, there really isn’t much time you get to actually LIVE your life.

And that’s exactly why zefrank’s philosophical, yet tasty, approach to showing us exactly how much time we REALLY have for ourselves, really does make me wonder what the fuck is the point to life? It’s not that I’m harbouring suicidal thoughts or anything, but when you count it out in jellybeans, and take into account all the stupid things we find ourselves wasting our time on, there really isn’t that much of it…..i.e. time.

Think about it, you will only experience, on average 65-70 springs, summers, autumns and winters. So that means, assuming you can afford to, there are really only 65-70 places you can choose from to go to for your summer holidays. When you see how many amazing places there are on this Earth to visit, you begin to wonder, short of joining the merchant navy, how is it even possible to visit all THOSE places too?

Or, that there are only so many days left between now and the day you croak, but an infinite amout of yummy things you could be eating for your lunch right now. You might get to eat a new thing every day, but then, would you want to waste a day and eat the same thing twice, or risk not eating something that could taste so incredible that you might miss out on it because you’re now dead.

Or maybe I’m just getting overly morbid over the fact that I’ve just celebrated another day in my life whereby people feel the need to celebrate another 365 day trip around the sun, which happens to be in the same astronomical position as on the day I was born. Who knows.

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