Star Spangled Clanger

God Bless America

He only had to do ONE THING!! Seems this young man got a little carried away with himself with his cymbals. Poor kid. And it’s not like it’s a difficult instrument to master.

Other things to watch out for are:-

1 – 0:35 The six kids who failed their band exams and who are not allowed perform the national anthem.
2 – 0:45 The Black kid standing against the back wall who cannot be fucked being there with zero enthusiasm whatsoever.
3 – 0:56 The Indian kid holding the flag with far too much enthusiasm whilst staring up at the roof the whole time, and who doesn’t move a muscle.
4 – 1:25 The short kid in the middle realizes he may get whacked in the face by the drummer standing next to him.

Give me the Amhrán na bhFiann any day of the week 🙂

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