Science Saturday – The Truth About Electrons And Photons

Spherical Harmonics

Veritasium published a really great video which answered a lot of questions related to electrons and protons.

For example, if you use Zeno’s paradox for a moment, and you divided the distance between your finger and the computer screen and divided it by half, and then by half again, and then again, ad infinitum, in theory, you would NEVER touch the screen, because you can divided that distance into smaller and smaller divisions. Yet, we can FEEL the screen when our finger touches it….so how is this possible?

Or another good one….if you remember your high school physics, we were taught that atoms “want” to have their outer-most electron shell full, and will willingly become ions in order to have it that way. Or another, that electrons inhabit shells with holding capacities of 2, 8, 18, 32 etc….but why?

Well, if these are just some of the questions you’ve always wondered about, but never knew the answer, then Derek might have answered some of these mysteries in this week’s Science Saturday video. Enjoy.

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