Meanwhile In Russia – Speeding Into Traffic

Russian Crash Traffic Jam

Sadly, the Russian’s seem hellbent on proving my theory right about Darwinism in reverse and that too many stupid people are surviving accidents that would have ordinarily killed someone back in the Victorian era. The upshot being the propagation of even MORE stupid people, on this planet we call home.

This time, it’s four gobshites from Moscow. Their crime? Well, for starters Garda, they were doing 180 km/h in a built-up area (i.e. downtown Moscow), and then decided that the traffic in the outside lane was too slow, so it would be better to overtake said traffic on the inside lane.

The four youths (insert culchie Irish Garda accent here) thought nothing of incriminating themselves either by videoing both their speed AND their faces. I mean…..they’re just totally gormless complete fucking tossers!!

Finally, the pièce de résistance is when they slam into a large tailback of traffic, wrecking at least eight cars (not including their own) in the process.

Makes the Dutch drivers I have to deal with seem absolutely convivial and gentlemanly 🙂

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