Meanwhile In China

China Moped

We all know about the state of bad driving on display across Russia, made all the more entertaining with the addition of dash-cam’s in almost every Russian’s car. But take a look at this hapless eejit from China, who has GOT to be the WORST moped driver in the world.

He manages to have five, yes count them folks, FIVE, accidents in the space of 75 seconds. That has to be some kind of record. By all accounts, he wasn’t seriously injured or killed. Doubtless the emergency services got to him in time and rescued him, so that his seed can continue to spawn more fecking eejit offspring, which should help increase the number of similar video’s being uploaded to YouTube in the future….so it’s all good.

Mind you, this reminds me of the time I rented a scooter in Thailand 🙂

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