Facebook Fonies

Crisis Relief Ad_WarCrisis Relief Ad_Flood Crisis Relief Ad_Earthquake

These images are from a striking, heart wrenching and powerful press ad campaign from Crisis Relief Singapore which sets out to mock the false, fake and futile habit of guilt ridden Facebook Fonies who “like” shared photo’s of people in extreme distress as the result of war and natural disasters, and whom seem to think that that is enough in terms of their contribution to making things better, adding that people should do more than just “liking” and should volunteer instead.

The copy is “Be a volunteer. Change a life.” The ad agency used real press photos, and then expertly Photoshopped in the “thumbs up” hands.

Words are meaningless. “Likes” even more so.
Ad agency: Publicis, Singapore.

So the next time someone sends you a photo of a dying child and asks you to “LIKE” it, you have my permission to slap them upside the head and ask them what the fuck they’re REALLY going to do to help the suffering of the person/people in the photo.

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