BMX Tricks By Danny MacAskill

Redbull Danny MacAskill

If you were like me, you probably had a BMX bike when you were growing up, and there were probably some coller older kids who could do all sorts of tricks, like bunny hops and 180’s and they had them fitted out with trick nuts and stuff.

And if you’re like me, you were probably no good on your BMX, so you traded it in for a racing bike and used it to cycle the highways and byways, enjoying your new found adolescent freedom.

But Danny MacAskill (also known as “Danny MegaSkill), was probably one of those older cooler kids who could do loads of tricks. And he has become THE master of BMX Trials biking. I won’t bore you, because it’s better to see it for yourself.

Here, in a technicolour playroom supplied by Redbull, Danny shows us what he gets up to in his spare time 🙂

Now…..where did I put my bicycle pump?

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