JFK – In His Own Words


On the occasion of President John F. Kennedy’s birthday on May 29th, today the National Library of Ireland in partnership with the U.S. Embassy and RTÉ Archives launched a social media campaign and website which celebrates the 50th Anniversary of his visit to Ireland in June 1963.The goal of the campaign is to encourage people to share their family stories, photos, memories and thoughts on the visit.

Irish In Amsterdam

Drunk Irish

I always feel so proud when I see a fellow Paddy out on the rip in Amsterdam, and generally making a monkey of himself after drinking way too much (NOT!).

But this guys party ended rather more quickly than he’d planned when he managed to knock himself out….and not a single punch was thrown either. Here, have a look for yourself. He’s done us proud….our reputation as a nation is still intact!

Mine’s a pint by the way 😉

Meanwhile In Russia – Bear Baiting

Bear Up A Tree

Just another one of those days in Russia. This time involving a bear whose chased some guy up a tree. I don’t know what’s funnier….the guy up the tree giving out to the bear, or the guy who’s filming it and who seems clearly unimpressed with everything that’s going on, as if this kind of thing happens everyday to the guy up the tree. 🙂

Shadow Dance

Shadow Dancing BGT

Say what you want about TV’s Mr. Nasty, Simon Cowell, but the man has single-handedly reinvented the concept of a cabaret show, and in the process, uncovered a wealth of talented individuals, such as this dancing group, Attraction. The group of nine dancers, who hail from Hungary, have made it past several rounds of the show, each week showcasing a faultless performance, and for me, a unique take on dance.

The video below is from the auditioning round, and I know that Amanda Holden is reduced to tears on an almost weekly basis, but I’d be very surprised if finish viewing this without even a small lump rising up in your throat.

How To Catch A Kangaroo

Kangaroo Catching

Last year, I wrote about a Kangaroo who had escaped and was on the loose, at large, in the area around Arnhem. The police had tried several times to catch it and failed….miserably. He was out and about, on walkabout, for about a week before he was eventually captured and then incarcerated in a children’s petting zoo.

But take a look at this guy….the master at catching ‘Roo’s. He makes it look SO EASY!