Ukraine Under Winters Tight Grip

Kiev Snow_1

Kiev, capital of Ukraine, and home to approximately three million residents, is trying to deal with one of the worst winters in decades. With roads and rail completely covered with around two metres of snow, the army have been called in to help stranded motorists. Meanwhile over six hundred towns and villages across Ukraine are reportedly without power.

A city in which I have lived in and love has come to a complete standstill with shops and services such as hospitals and schools barely able to cope or closed completely. The government has issued advisories to avoid any unnecessary travel and have called upon the armed forces to help clear the snow.

In the meantime, Kievites are making the most of the snow and have boned up on their snowboarding and snowman building skills.

Honey, where’s my shovel?Kiev Snow_4 Kiev Snow_3 Kiev Snow_2Kiev Snow Screen Grab

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