Science Saturday – Light Experiment You Can Try At Home

Young's Double Slit Experiment

I know it’s been a while since I posted a Science Saturday instalment, and for my regular readers who eagerly await these, I humbly apologise. Life has just been crazy these past few weeks and I have not been able to find, make, change or warp time enough to post anything.

But fear not, because my space-time continuum warping machine is finally working and I was able to squeeze a little bit of time into an already hectic schedule to post this fun and educational posting from the folks at Veritasium which explains what light is and shows an version of Thomas Young’s “Double Slit Experiment” that you and your friends or kids can try for yourselves when next at a lake or pond.

As a physics student, I could never really get my head round the whole light waves can be in the same place twice argument that surrounds light as was the typical explanation offered up by our teachers. So this experiment and the depiction on the pond might help you FINALLY make sense of it all, or any of your kids who are also struggling with this in the same way I once did.

Have fun, and be nice to the ducks 😉

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