Ppppp Pick Up A Penguin

Penguin Falling

Penguin Cam

It’s quite apt that I should come across this video, as the Mammy and I had quite a heated debate on the phone the other day, all centred on Penguins. She maintains that some documentary she was watching, stated that some penguins can indeed fly, contrary to the undisputed scientific facts that you and I learned when we studied in school.

I tried to explain to her that perhaps the narrator actually meant that their swimming abilities seem to mimic the flying abilities of other birds, and when viewed underwater, it appears that they are indeed flying, albeit under the water whilst hunting for food. She was pretty adamant that that’s NOT what the narrator meant, so instead, I just ignored her and told her that she was wrong, I was right, and that was, as they say, THAT!

So along comes this lovely little vid from wildlife photographer and producer John Downer who said about the video:

It’s not easy being a penguin, as we soon learned going through all the material shot for the BBC’s Penguins – Spy in the Huddle, narrated by David Tennant.

I have to sympathise with the poor penguin in the film at 1:03. I have found my ankle twisting and giving way just like his for no apparent reason also. Mind you, he was lucky….his missus wasn’t near him to yell taunts of his impetuous clumsiness.

Mum, I have one question. After watching this video, did you see ANY penguins flying? Well? 🙂

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