Ireland In The 1980’s

Wooden Spoon

I’m a HUGE fan of RTE’s Republic of Telly, and this latest sketch from that intrepid trio had  me almost wetting myself with laughter. For all of those under the age of 25, you’ll most likely not get most of it (except maybe the references to the wooden spoon and Mosney) but anyone over the age of 30 you’d better lay down the rubber sheets because you’ll be pissing yourself after watching this.

Who here also remembers those wonderful treatments for flu and gastroenteritis like dry toast and flat 7-up, or their first time eating such exotic food like pizza or lasagne?

And do you remember the time when you had a phone installed in your own house and the challenge it was to memorise your own number? Ah yes, they were the good auld days 🙂

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