Google Glass, Simply Amazing

Google Glass Brin

As someone who recently had LASIK surgery, and has been happily living life without glasses, I find myself in awe and willing to once again wear a pair of glasses after seeing the awesomeness of Google Glass. 

Put simply, the idea of the Glass device, at its most basic level, is wearable technology  that lets you see and interact with the world around you without disconnecting from it.

The Glass headset is designed to be out of the way so it doesn’t interfere with your activities. According to Google, it weighs less than most pairs of sunglasses. On the side is a touch pad for control, on top is a button for shooting photos and videos with the built-in camera, and there’s a small information display positioned above the eye out of the line of sight.

The actual details about the specs that have been released are pretty light, other than to say the Explorer Edition has a camera, multiple radios for data communication, a speaker and a mic, and a gyroscope so Glass can tell your position and orientation at all times.

The core of Google Glass is its tiny prism display which sits not in your eyeline, but a little above it. You can see what is on the display by glancing up. Going by its FCC filing this includes a Broadcom 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi radio and Bluetooth 4.0 as well as bone-conduction speakers, which would keep your ears open to your surroundings, an embedded camera and a GPS.

Voice control is used to control the device; you say ‘ok glass’ to get a range of options including taking pictures, videos, send messages using speech to text, ‘hang out’ with people or get directions to somewhere. You access these options by saying them out loud.

Most of this functionality is self explanatory; hang out is Google’s video conferencing technology and allows you to talk to a people over web cam, and stream them what you are seeing and the directions use Google Maps and the inbuilt GPS to help you find your way.

The results are displayed on the prism – essentially putting data into your view like a head up display (HUD). It’s potentially incredibly handy. Also rather nifty is the potential for automatic voice and speech recognition – and Google has given its Glass project a big boost by snapping up specialists DNNresearch.

The applications for such a device are never-ending, from doctors and engineers working remotely out in the field diagnosing patients or repairing machinery and devices, to online learning and education, law enforcement and of course military applications.

The fact that this cool new device has come from a tech giant that ISN’T Apple, and the reality that many of the new smartphones are better and more innovative than the current Apple offering of late, may suggest that the death knell for Apple is tolling. One thing is for sure though….the maps function on these bad boys will DEFINITELY not get you lost!

The only thing I am doubting is the ability to stream live video from an aerobatic plane, as depicted in the video. That, for now, is still pie in the sky.

Google Glass

Ireland In The 1980’s

Wooden Spoon

I’m a HUGE fan of RTE’s Republic of Telly, and this latest sketch from that intrepid trio had  me almost wetting myself with laughter. For all of those under the age of 25, you’ll most likely not get most of it (except maybe the references to the wooden spoon and Mosney) but anyone over the age of 30 you’d better lay down the rubber sheets because you’ll be pissing yourself after watching this.

Who here also remembers those wonderful treatments for flu and gastroenteritis like dry toast and flat 7-up, or their first time eating such exotic food like pizza or lasagne?

And do you remember the time when you had a phone installed in your own house and the challenge it was to memorise your own number? Ah yes, they were the good auld days 🙂

Rubik’s Cube Brain Explosion

Rubik's CubeRavi Fernando has just blown my mind away. For fun and a bit of a challenge, he thought he’d have a go at solving three Rubik’s Cubes whilst simultaneously juggling them!

Now my brother and I have had Rubik’s cubes as kids. But we’d often cheat by solving them the only way we knew how….breaking them apart and rebuilding them. However Ravi is quite content, and clearly skilled enough, to juggle all three AND solve them at the same time! Not only that, but he has spare brain capacity to chat and answer friends and explain why one of their buddy’s can’t hang out with them in the park. If it were me, I’d probably barely be able to keep myself from drooling all over the grass while my brain overheated and steam came from my ears.

It comes as no surprise that Ravi is studying mathematics at Standford, or that he holds several Rubik’s Cube solving records. As for me, my brain hurts having just seen this fantastic feat so I’m going to put my head under a bucket of ice.

Honey…..where did you put the bucket?

Always Wear Your Seatbelt!

Russian Seatbelt

They obviously never had the “Clunk Click Every Trip” advert that ran in the UK and Ireland back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. But what IS self evident is the shock on this Russian drivers face. Hard to tell if he’s amazed he survived or amazed that he only banged his noggin. Either way, I doubt he’ll wear a seat belt when he next gets behind the wheel.


Ukraine Under Winters Tight Grip

Kiev Snow_1

Kiev, capital of Ukraine, and home to approximately three million residents, is trying to deal with one of the worst winters in decades. With roads and rail completely covered with around two metres of snow, the army have been called in to help stranded motorists. Meanwhile over six hundred towns and villages across Ukraine are reportedly without power.

A city in which I have lived in and love has come to a complete standstill with shops and services such as hospitals and schools barely able to cope or closed completely. The government has issued advisories to avoid any unnecessary travel and have called upon the armed forces to help clear the snow.

In the meantime, Kievites are making the most of the snow and have boned up on their snowboarding and snowman building skills.

Honey, where’s my shovel?Kiev Snow_4 Kiev Snow_3 Kiev Snow_2Kiev Snow Screen Grab