Winter Roads In Ukraine

And you thought the roads near you were bad? Then spare a thought for the poor citizens of Gorlovka, in western Ukraine, who have probably the worst roads in the entire nation, and is a perennial sore-point amongst the local citizenry.

But things are especially bad during the winter, as can be seen in the video above. With corruption and embezzlement almost a de-facto additional source of income for the local government, monies set aside for road repairs and upgrades never makes its way to the local roads ministry, but rather finds its way into the back pockets and man-bags of the local council and the many deputies that have their hands in many pies.

I’m wondering if perhaps moving about town on a hovercraft is a more practical and comfortable way to negotiate the roads, which are festooned with craters the size of dinner plates….and they’re just the small ones!!

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