The Scattering

The Scattering 2013

Herself and I were watching the Six-One news on RTE last night, and one of the leading stories was that of the now traditional tears and scenes of heartbreak at airports across the country that follow on from a Christmas spent with family who had returned from overseas just so they could be home with family at this particular time of the year.

For herself, it was a little strange. She not being Irish, couldn’t quite get her head around the idea of being sad and upset with having to go away across the foam to find work. “Sure aren’t you getting a better quality of life and more money?” she asked. And yes, in some respects she’s undoubtedly right. But given that her argument was that in Ukraine, where she’s from, people would give their eye teeth to be able to just leave Ukraine and go somewhere better, her logic was that we should be happy that we have that privilege.

I can see where she’s coming from, but then I explained to her about the Celtic Tiger and then reminded her of the emigration legacy that has been the story of Ireland and her people for centuries and that given a choice, most Irish people would choose to stay in the Emerald Isle if they could.

But then I read the news online and read that this fucking stupid PR job that those shites in the Oireachtas are pulling off this year – The Gathering – is being managed by a PR company in the ENGLAND! WTF!! In an era where we are moaning about job losses and plant shutdowns, surely to God they’d have looked at this as a way of creating jobs at HOME rather than outsourcing it from abroad! Talk about adding insult to injury. What a bunch of fucking wankers.

And then I came across this beautiful, poignant piece written by a friend of a young girl called Aisling Twomey who wrote “A Friend of mine is emigrating. Quite a wordsmith.

The Scattering Parting Words

I wish the author of those beautiful, poignant words lots of luck and best wishes in his/hers endeavours abroad and I hope, sincerely, that this shower of wankers who have caused and exacerbated the crisis, the heartache and the everyday pain suffered each and everyday by our loved ones back home in Ireland, get what’s coming to them.

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