ISPCC Advert

This simple, yet powerful advert succinctly highlights why I firmly believe that people should be made get a licence before they ever have kids. And having personally had the horror of seeing parents berating their children with similar verbal abuse as portrayed in the video, I sometimes wonder why, if there WAS a God, does he/she choose to allow these cretinous excuses for humans to procreate, only to bring their poor unfortunate children into existence to suffer at the hands of horrible parents, meanwhile there are couples crying out for a child and who go through life childless, when you just know they would love and adore their little ones, if they would only be lucky to fall pregnant.

It’s sad to say though that being a parent is the only vestige of human life that thus far remains void of the tentacles of the Nanny State, save for China, and in which the accident of birth continues to be the greatest source of inequality and suffering known to man.

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