ISPCC Advert

This simple, yet powerful advert succinctly highlights why I firmly believe that people should be made get a licence before they ever have kids. And having personally had the horror of seeing parents berating their children with similar verbal abuse as portrayed in the video, I sometimes wonder why, if there WAS a God, does he/she choose to allow these cretinous excuses for humans to procreate, only to bring their poor unfortunate children into existence to suffer at the hands of horrible parents, meanwhile there are couples crying out for a child and who go through life childless, when you just know they would love and adore their little ones, if they would only be lucky to fall pregnant.

It’s sad to say though that being a parent is the only vestige of human life that thus far remains void of the tentacles of the Nanny State, save for China, and in which the accident of birth continues to be the greatest source of inequality and suffering known to man.

Apple Parodied

With all the Apple Whores salivating during the launch of the very mundane, uninspiring and, quiet frankly BORING new iPhone 5, I thought those of us who are much more grounded and who don’t take ourselves as seriously might enjoy this little nugget. If you stuck an Apple logo on it, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 10 kilometre queue of Apple Whores waiting to get their very first nail clippers!!

And to remind yourself of all the usual unabashed self-promotional video’s Apple loves to create when they roll out something new. It seems that if anything, Apple has morphed from being an leader of innovation into nothing more than a marketing mogul trading on a brand…..a brand that was built on “the next big thing” and taking risks, rather than playing it safe.

There’s nothing cool about anything Apple these days, just more of the same. And with the technological inequivalent of Britains ex-Prime Minister, John Major, at the helm it seems that that’s all the Apple Whores have to look forward to from Apple’s CEO Mr. Tim “Dull and Boring” Cook.

If making something taller and being anally retentive enough to get a hard-on over how shiny a bevelled edge is what rocks your boat, then you need to get out more.

For me, I’ll stick with my wonderful Samsung Galaxy S3…..which is still light years ahead of iPhone 5