Pass The Dutchie On De Left Hand Side

So the boys in Shell, who have exclusive rights to the gas field in Corrib, decided in their infinite wisdom to buy the TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) used to build the Dublin Port Tunnel project, and have it sent over to Mayo and use it to drill a 4.9km tunnel under Sruwaddacon Bay and inland to connect to the Bellanaboy Gas Processing Terminal as part of Shell’s Corrib gas project.

But the clowns hired to carry out the transportation was a Dutch….yes, read it….DUTCH…haulage company, who failed to notice two things.

  1. Irish country roads are very narrow and very very winding. There are more hairpins on an average Irish country road than can be found in a gymnasts head!
  2. They are hauling something that weighs tons, over a bog road….literally

So the inevitable happened. The truck is stuck and the road is blocked. Given the near bloodshed with the locals in the past with the building of the processing terminal in the first place, an army of Gardai (Irish police) has been sent out to ensure that the traffic gets moving again and to fend off the locals.

I don’t know what’s worse….the fact that the resouces of An Garda Siochana are being used for the vested interests of a private enterprise…..that they used a DUTCH haulier rather than a local one, who would’ve known better than to use a bog road…..or the fact that Shell have carte blanche to all the gas in the Corrib wells which our Government failed to secure a single penny from it in the form of taxes or royalties, this in a time that the country is broke and the everyman is taxed to the hilt.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a few brown envelopes were used during the course of the negotiations to the drilling rights. But that’s just me postulating.

Honey….the pilot light went out again!

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