Organ Donor – Russian Style

Herself and I are not overly enamoured with motorcycles or motorcyclists. What pisses me off about them is their incessant need to overtake drivers on the inside, or their showing off by belting off at break neck speed, creating a shit load of noise, only to be stopped at the following set of lights. I mean, what’s the fucking point?

And now there’s these stupid adverts on TV in Ireland urging motorists to watch out for those wankers on their bikes, who generally cause a menace on the roads, and for car drivers to pay extra special attention so as not to cause them injury….Yeah right….like bike riders don’t drive around like fucking loons to begin with.

It’s no wonder that they have earned the nickname of “Organ Donors”, and rightly so.

So heavens above when you watch the video above. Some speed demon moron on a bike manages to drive onto the OPPOSITE side of the road and collide head-on with a big fecking Range Rover and performs, what I can only describe as an Olympic Gold Medal winning somersault over the top of the Range Rover and landed in a heap on the windscreen of the car behind it. (Points were deducted for the failure of the cyclist to land on his feet!)

It’s unknown if the idiot survived. Personally I hope he didn’t as it would hopefully allow some deserving organ patients of a fighting chance to live, whilst Darwinism played its rightful role in the Universe.


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