Olympics Reporting Like No Other

A friend of mine, who just happens to be a profoundly funny and quick witted Irishman, has begun an awesome undertaking of reporting and live blogging his way through this years Olympics.

With a great combination of informative pieces explaining some of the more unusual sports that make up the modern day games, along with a look back at some ‘Lympic Legends and of course and quick peek and some of the ‘Lympic Ladies, you can get live up to the minute (except for when he’s off getting his bagels from the toaster) reporting on all the events during the 2012 games during the day, or catch up in the evening for a quick update on the latest standings and the following days medal hopefuls.

So click here at thelympics.blogspot.ie to find out what other little nuggets he’s posted and where your favourite team fairs in the current days standings.

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