Darwinism In Reverse – Stupid People Surviving

Herself and I were chatting in the car, and I was commenting on how many Numpties happened to be out driving on the roads that day, when it dawned on me. With the advances in technical and medical knowledge,and the onslaught of improvements in both medicines and surgery, we have inadvertently begun to reverse Darwin’s evolutionary thesis regarding the whole “Survival of the fittest” thing.

Think about it. Back in the day, during the Industrial Revolution, there were lots of moving parts, hot molten metals, steam driven wots-its everywhere. It was a Health & Safety Executive’s wet-dream (thankfully HSE hadn’t been invented yet, otherwise we’d still be living in the dark ages) and therefore, if you were a numpty and were not paying attention to what you were doing, you’d lose a limb, or worse, you’d die.

There was very little, medically, that could be done for you. Modern day anaesthesia was still very much in its infancy in the mid 1800’s, so if you needed something amputated, it was a stick to bite down on, a bottle of strong whiskey, and a surgeon with a quick pair of hands.

But in this day and age, cars have crumple zones, we have HSE people crawling all over the place telling us we should not climb a step ladder without attaching ourselves to a mountain climbing harness, and there are all manner of improvements in medical care, ranging from paramedics, air ambulances, advances in surgery and post and primary aftercare so that all these Numpties who WOULD have died during the Industrial Revolution, now live to fight another day, and worse….they can now spread their seed so that there is a NEW generation of Numpty who will carry on where his Mum or Dad left off.

The whole point of natural selection is that the fittest survives, and the weakest dies off. But it seems that this very problem was already found upon by Darwin’s half-cousin no less. Back in the 1857, Francis Galton implied that natural selection was apparently no longer working on “civilized” people. Thus it was now possible for “inferior” strains of people (who would have normally been filtered out of the gene pool) to overwhelm the “superior” strains, and voluntary corrective measures would be desirable — which laid way to the foundation of eugenics.

The sheer number of Numpties roaming this blue/green planet of ours is also further evidence to counter that of our moronic cousins across the pond who believe in the concept of creationism. Because if there WAS a God, I would very much doubt that he’d have created Numpties in HIS image.

Creationism is a very popular stance in America, and most likely has more to do with the fact that Americans are, by and large, hugely religious and overtly conservative. For a nation that has funded billions into the Human Genome project, many of them, and governments voted into office by them, have staunchly opposed any funding into human stem cell research. In fact, for many years, it was even prohibited to perform stem cell research in the USA. That moratorium was only recently lifted by the current Obama administration. Mind you, stem cell research might also inadvertently help prop up the Numpty population, if they were for example, to fall, break their necks and then have it knitted back together again.

Of course, there are always the annual Darwin Awards which are awarded posthumously to the individual who contributes to human evolution by self-selecting themselves out of the gene pool by way of putting themselves (unnecessarily) in life-threatening situations, often in a quite funny way. Perhaps if we made them an Olympic Sport we might help reverse the sad trend of the “Rise of the Numpty”. Maybe the guy in the video below could be a contestant?

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