Another Reason Not To Drive In Russia

Driving in Moscow’s traffic is bad enough, but when you have insurance fraud as a main source of income for some wankers, it’s just yet another reason why not to get behind the wheel in Russia.

Drivers frequently attach cameras to their dashboards because video evidence is harder to ignore when you have a corrupt judiciary and lawyers intent on you carrying the blame and liability.

In this clip you can clearly see three gorillas purposefully slamming on the brakes in the hope that the guy behind them will rear-end them. As in every country, a driver who crashes into the back of someone is ALWAYS at fault, no matter what, the rationale being that the driver behind was driving too fast or too close so as to avoid any accident in the first place.

Not being successful and after being berated by the hapless driver filming the incident, the three gorillas turn on him, threatening and intimidating him and his female passenger. He thankfully managed to escape (shown by a shorter video he posted) but sadly these goons were left behind to go and try their trick on some other unsuspecting road user.

It’s a sad state of affairs that modern Russia likes to pretend that it has laws and a working judiciary. But the simple truth is that lawyers and judges actively accept bribes. The going rate for getting away with murder in Russia these days is $250,000. I’m not sure if that pricing structure is based on a “per body” basis and if you get a discount on bulk murdering, but this is the cold hard truth.

And when you have a man at the top, like LiliPutin, who passes laws intent on crushing the rights and freedoms of a nation in order to consolidate his grip and power over the people, it is no wonder that the rest of the country actively imitates their great leader and follow by his stellar example, i.e. I’ll take the law into my own hands.

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