Dutch Female Police Brutality

I don’t think I will get too many people disagreeing with me when I say that this display of police brutality is unacceptable, is a clear breach of trust and the oaths taken when an police officer takes up active service and that this behaviour and mal-content should be rewarded by sending her ass off to jail.

What sickens me more though is the reaction from the Dutch police. This video has gone viral, has appeared in online versions of the Dutch mainstream media, and yet this officer is still allowed to patrol the streets and has not been suspended pending the investigation. If this were Ireland or Britain or the USA, at the very least the officers would have been suspended without pay until the investigation had been concluded.

Not only are the Dutch police inept at performing basic policing (preferring to fine people for traffic offences rather than investigate real crime such as rape, murder and car/home theft) but now they have gone down the avenue of mindlessly protecting this moron bitch who has disgraced the uniform she is wearing.

It is not wonder that many Dutch are quite happy to wear t-shirts and tattoos that opening mock the police….something which they have now had powers enacted through parliament to make this an arrestable offense. So remind me, is Amsterdam part of Russia now, because I would have expected this kind of police brutality and censureship from the Russians, not the Dutch.

I hold out no hope sadly that this will ever result in a conviction or sacking of the officer in question, because the Dutch being the Dutch, and the Dutch police being the Dutch police, they will simply close ranks and protect their own. The simple fact that the man who was attacked by this cunt did not even openly threat the officer in question. So what possessed her to think that a drop-kick to the stomach was warranted I will never know.

Suffice to say A.D.C.A.B. (All Dutch Cops Are Bastards)…..now come on fuckers…..come on and arrest me for expressing my right to freedom of speech!!