Pays-Bas – Nul Points!!

The Dutch have done it again…..they failed to reach the finals of this years Eurovision Song Contest.

The annual competition of Euro-kitsch and camp, this year hosted in Baku, capital of the autocratic state of Azerbaijan, saw the Dutch entry (Joan Franka) crash and burn after what can only be described as ear torturing screeching. I’ve heard cats that can sing better than she did. At least the cats in MY neighbourhood can at least screech in tune!! Even her backing singers were tone-deaf!! And what the fuck was up with that stupid Indian head-dress?

Given that the government here is hell bent on taking away all my benefits, I think they should save ourselves the trouble (and a few bob) by not bothering to submit an entry next year.

If you want to subject your senses to the onslaught of her then have an auld listen below. You’ll quickly discover that her failure to reach the finals was hardly surprising.

Meanwhile, those kings of camp and kitsch, Jedward, made it through to the final. I’m pretty sure that most of the voting came from the closet gay community across the CIS states who entered the competition, as well as those who voted them in just for a laugh.

Given the harsh austerity measures subjected upon us Irish, by the likes of the Dutch and ze Germans, Jedward were really all we could afford to send this year 🙂

Equally tone-deaf as the Dutch entry, but interjected with sharp choreography, repetitive use of the word “awesome” and uber-weird costumes, the duo were sadly NOT sporting their trademark pointy haired quiff. We’ll see if they can better their eight place from last year.

Maybe the Dutch will have better luck in Ukraine in Euro 2012. But I doubt it.

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