Infinity Pool

If there is one thing herself and I agree on, it’s that our dream home will have an “infinity pool” installed overlooking an amazing view….and that’s where the agreement tapers off…she wants a view of the ocean, and I’d like a little bit more than just a view of the open sea. But I digress, because if you also have the same penchant for infinity pools as we do, then you’ll love this idea.

The Bandra Ohm, was imagineered by James Law Cybertecture. Originally destined for Mumbai in India, this ground-breaking design was based around the Ohm (Ω) symbol. Fluid and dynamic spaces were designed to complete this highrise building – stunning undulating glass pools acting as balconies add drama to city views. Mind you, given the mish-mash of architecture and slum, I’m not quite sure what kind of view one would be buying. But this design does set out to prove that infinity pools easily be included as part of the scope of luxury apartment design.

Now, wear did I pack my speedo’s?

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