Euro 2012 – Sex Or Football?

Seriously….does anyone really think that the real reason Europe’s beer bellied football fans are heading to Poland and Ukraine this summer is to watch the footie?

If the latest raft of TV adverts are any indication, then that answer is an emphatic “No”. Here’s the latest advert from Paddy Power bookmakers about the English teams upcoming Polish trip and their obssession with the ladies. Given that more than half the team have paid for prostitutes back in Blighty, it’s obviously a real concern to England’s coaching staff, what with the reputation that both Poland and Ukraine have as being a favourite amongst sex tourists.

Sadly though, no matter how much PR and spin you put on it, until women’s rights are respected in both countries, this image of Eastern European women being nothing more than hookers is sadly phenomenon that is here to stay. Nevermind the fact that most women in Ukraine could out-smart the average Western college graduate with Ukraine graduating more holders of engineering, mathematics and science degrees than their western counterparts. Yes, the salaries are minuscule, especially when you compare them to the average industrial wage of the EU(12), but that’s the very reason why women, AND men, have travelled to Europe in the first place. This stereotyping is nothing more than cheap advertising which sinks to the lowest common denominator….i.e. our own lager lout, in-bred, bottom feeding football fans.

Looks like the summer of 2012 might be the “Summer of Love”, albeit paid for.

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