Cardinal Brady. Arrest Him

If I did anything criminally wrong, such as cycling my bike at night without any lights, driving whilst intoxicated, raping or sexually abusing someone, or perverting the course of justice, you can bet your ass that I would find myself clasped in irons and in the custody of the local constabulary or in front of a magistrate before you could say the words “Vatican City”.

Yet in Ireland, the head of the Catholic Church in Ireland is still walking the streets a free man, still in his position of power and executing the duties bestowed on him by the Pope as the primate of all Ireland (North and South mind you) without so much as a recalling to Rome by the Vatican or a visit by a member of An Garda Síochána.

All this blind-eye turning is going on amidst a background of revelations that Cardinal Brady KNEW about the abuse of one victim when he was informed back in 1975 by one of those children – Brendan Boland who was then 14 – gave the then Fr Brady the names and addresses of other children who had been abused. Cardinal Brady failed to pass on to the parents or the police and told them to keep silent about it, but did not himself inform the civil authorities.

The assaults were carried out by Fr Brendan Smyth who went on to abuse several children for a further 15 years after the investigation, and attacked the sister and four cousins of one of the children interviewed by Fr Brady.

Fr Smyth was eventually sent to jail for 12 years for dozens of offences carried out over decades.

So why are politicians only asking for Brady to resign? Why are they not calling for justice and insisting on the authorities to issue an arrest warrant. Afterall, there’s enough to suggest that he could be implicated for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, conspiracy to obstruct the course of justice, and even as an accessory to child abuse under the 1937 Act.

Seems he is protected from on high….literally!

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