U.S. Style Healthcare Arrives In Netherlands

OK, so I hate the Dutch healthcare industry….that’s not new news. It is staffed by incompetent unprofessional buffoons who have no interest or incentive to treat patients, and now it seems that any last vestige of motivation or desire to live by their Hippocratic oath has vanished into thin air after the Dutch health minister’s announcement.

Edith Schippers announced that patients who want to be treated by a doctor or at a hospital which has no contract with their insurance company will now have to pay at least part of the bill themselves. Hmmmm…..doesn’t that sound familiarly like the type of crappy two-tiered system currently in place in the U.S. of A? Yup….sounds like it to me.

At the moment, the exorbitant health insurance I am FORCED to pay is supposed to cover the costs of treatment in any hospital across the Netherlands. Nevermind the fact that I already pay a crazy 52% income tax AND the 19% in sales tax on everything I buy. Surely this would have been enough to pay for the overpaid morons who don’t treat patients?

Apparently not, as the government, in their wisdom <sic> decided that insurance companies could go and negotiate with hospitals on the cost of treatment. So with hospitals forced to work towards lowering costs, you can see how one arrives at coming up with an incentive based on NOT treating patients….remember herself’s recent trip to the hospital after being bitten, or my own experience with the slow swimmers? Yup, no medicines given there…just paracetamol and washing detergent!!

With Schippers latest round of moronic Dutch logic, she’s now setting the country up for a two tiered rich vs. poor level of healthcare. According to her, insurance companies should no longer be forced to pay if their clients opt for a different hospital. Instead, we will be forced to pay higher premiums so as to avail of the “privilege” of being able choose where I want to go for treatment. I’m sorry, but the insurance companies already make billions in profits. Their employees are all over paid and not a single company has ever consider going down the route of “not-for-profit”, thus at least giving the illusion that they care about their customers/patients.

Not only will this be a problem at home, but imagine now if you need coverage whilst travelling abroad? Up until now, if I needed treatment abroad it was covered 100%. I can see now that this will no longer be the case and the next item to add to the growing list of exclusions.

Scarier yet, what happens when I arrive in the back of an ambulance. Will they refuse treatment because my health insurance doesn’t cover treatment in their hospital? Or if I am unconscious and unable to tell them where to take me, will I be left with a collosal bill when I am discharged?

There are so many things wrong with her idiotic thinking. Clearly Schippers has been thinking with her arse and not her brain, or, like her colleagues in Eastern Europe who all flock to Austria and Switzerland when they and their families need treatment, she has decided to let the proletariat eat cake whilst she jets off for private treatment outside the Netherlands.

It’s official…this country has finally gone to the dogs!

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