NY East Village Studio – Gawjus!!

Having stumbled across this earlier, I am simply flabbergasted at how somewhere so small can look so big and yet so cosy at the same time! Photos of this East Village studio – which are notorious for being house with poor college students in pretty cramped conditions – show the genius and creativity that went into this beautiful studio designed by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture. It makes efficient use of every square inch of space in the apartment, creating the illusion of even more space.

The natural woods used throughout, combined with the clean white walls really opens up the room, and its unbelievable that you can fit a full kitchen, a sofa, and a workspace in there, along with the bed loftspace. I think my personal favourite cubby hole has to be the stairs drawers…talk about “out of the box” 🙂

This last schematic design rendering with all the red boxes indicates all the integrated storage that has been inconspicuously tucked into the apartment. Like I said….ingenious.

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