Gold Digging Or Cheap Prostitution? You Decide

I almost fell of my chair with shock when seeing this. There are so many advocates of women’s rights across the globe fighting for equal opportunities for women….equal pay, equal rights, education of young girls to ensure they have the same opportunities in life as their opposite sex, and then along comes this moronic, vapid and brain dead website actively encouraging women to trade on their looks, and doing it in a way that is Gold Digging at best, and tantamount to whoring oneself a freebie holiday at worst.

What is going on in the world today? Whilst the marketing and advertising execs in agencies around the globe are actively airbrushing women to make them look skinnier, younger and playing the “sex” card in anything and everything they’re tasked with selling, those with a brain and who have daughters of their own are trying to rid the world of this sexist and chauvinistic behaviour, espousing and evangelising to the world that women are more than just tits and ass….that is until these idiots launched their website.

They actively encourage women to trade on their looks to get freebie holidays. It’s no different than a parent or teacher telling their 15 year old, blessed with good looks, to not bother with school and find yourself a footballer, fuck him senseless, get yourself up the duff and milk him dry for his money, because your brains are worth less than your body. It’s pure madness. And the worst thing is that there are women the world over who actually do think like this, and worse….encourage their friends to do likewise.

Mind you, I don’t know what is worse….the women who string some poor fuckwit along so he’ll buy them wardrobes full of shoes from Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton bags or the latest €3,000 creation from dress designer Hervé Léger, or is it the gobshite who actually buys her this stuff, just so he will get laid. If he’s just looking for sex, he might find it’s cheaper to head off to Amsterdam for the weekend and take a walk down the Red Light District! If a meaningful relationship is what he’s after, then he’s barking up the wrong tree….woe betide anyone married to such a woman when the pennies get tight and expenditure on frivolous crap comes to a screeching halt.

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