Dutch Guttersnipe Advert Attacking Ukraine’s Women

Have you seen the advert in the Netherlands playing on the fears of Dutch women and their promiscious husbands heading to Ukraine for the Euro 2012 championships to enjoy more than just football?

To say that it plays on stereotyping is an understatement, and I would not be surprised if this was partly funded by that racist bottle-blonde neo-nazi wannabe, Geert Wilders and his PVV party who are not just anti-muslim, but have extended their racism to include anyone from Eastern Europe. And painting a picture that all women from Eastern Europe, in particular Ukrainian women, are on the game, is just another example of the racist propaganda appearing across the Dutch media of late.

What they fail to realise is that if you walk down the narrow streets of the Red Light District, you’ll see as many Dutch women advertising their wares as women from everywhere else. So who are they trying to kid?

To be honest though, if Dutch women got their act together and stopped wearing skirts and trouser combo’s, stopped eating junk food all the time, actually put on a bit of make-up and learned how to wear high-heels and skirts from time to time whilst being a little more feminine and a lot less in your face, then maybe they wouldn’t have to worry about their mens wandering eyes. Sadly though, all a Dutch man has to look forward to instead is a beer machine at home. Maybe it’s to help him get in the mood so he can actually face his Dutch wife? <evil grin>

Afterall, I doubt the women of Spain, Italy or France have the same worries as their Dutch counterparts ūüôā


Heart Attack On A Plate….Literally

This is precisely the reason why we need to introduce a Fat Tax. Why should my tax dollars (well, euro’s really) be spent paying for some obese fucker who can’t keep off the burgers, when I’m eating the healthy stuff that¬†emanates¬†from¬†culinary¬†wizardry of herself to maintain my svelte-like figure.

I am just amazed that nobody came up with this combo any sooner!

Gold Digging Or Cheap Prostitution? You Decide

I almost fell of my chair with shock when seeing this. There are so many advocates of women’s rights across the globe fighting for equal opportunities for women….equal pay, equal rights, education of young girls to ensure they have the same opportunities in life as their opposite sex, and then along comes this moronic, vapid and brain dead website actively encouraging women to trade on their looks, and doing it in a way that is Gold Digging at best, and tantamount to whoring oneself a freebie holiday at worst.

What is going on in the world today? Whilst the marketing and advertising execs in agencies around the globe are actively airbrushing women to make them look skinnier, younger and playing the “sex” card in anything and everything they’re tasked with selling, those with a brain and who have daughters of their own are trying to rid the world of this sexist and¬†chauvinistic¬†behaviour,¬†espousing¬†and evangelising to the world that women are more than just tits and ass….that is until these idiots launched their website.

They actively encourage women to trade on their looks to get freebie holidays. It’s no different than a parent or teacher telling their 15 year old, blessed with good looks, to not bother with school and find yourself a footballer, fuck him senseless, get yourself up the duff and milk him dry for his money, because your brains are worth less than your body. It’s pure madness. And the worst thing is that there are women the world over who actually do think like this, and worse….encourage their friends to do likewise.

Mind you, I don’t know what is worse….the women who string some poor fuckwit along so he’ll buy them wardrobes full of shoes from Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton bags or the latest ‚ā¨3,000 creation from dress designer Herv√© L√©ger, or is it the gobshite who actually buys her this stuff, just so he will get laid. If he’s just looking for sex, he might find it’s cheaper to head off to Amsterdam for the weekend and take a walk down the Red Light District! If a meaningful relationship is what he’s after, then he’s barking up the wrong tree….woe betide anyone married to such a woman when the pennies get tight and¬†expenditure¬†on¬†frivolous¬†crap comes to a screeching halt.

Russian Health & Safety – Airport Security

It’s a well known fact that Russia has historically never really put a high value on human life. During the days of the Tsar’s, peasants existed to till and toil in the land, fight at the behest of the ruling Tsar of the time in what ever latest land-grab or land dispute took his fancy this time and basically led a miserable life.

Thus, along came the October Revolution, also known as the Bolshevik Revolution (–í–Ķ–Ľ–ł–ļ–į—Ź –ě–ļ—ā—Ź–Ī—Ä—Ć—Ā–ļ–į—Ź —Ā–ĺ—Ü–ł–į–Ľ–ł—Ā—ā–ł—á–Ķ—Ā–ļ–į—Ź —Ä–Ķ–≤–ĺ–Ľ—é—Ü–ł—Ź), which was driven by that¬†motley¬†crew of Lenin, Trotsky and Dybenko who amassed the peasants to rise up and be counted. However, not long after the death of Lenin, a paranoid Georgian by the name of Joseph Stalin came to power, replacing Lenin and thus existed for more than a decade an era of purging, gulags and forced starvation and famine.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find, particularly amongst Russia’s ruling elite, that there is still very little focus, premise or genuine personal belief that another human’s life is worth either the same or more than ones own. And what’s worse is that the newly afluent and growing middle class are starting to take on the same lack of morals as their ruling elite. To a point that if they kill someone with their Audi Q8 or Mercedes tank, they simply pay off the family of the deceased a few thousand dollars “hush money” along with a brown envelope stuffed with rubles to to judge so as to avoid prosecution and everyone gets on with their lives. In fact, you can literally get away with murder….it just might cost you a little more.

Which brings me to the point of this essay. Which is the governments desire to paint a rosy potemkinesque picture to the electorate (and I shall use that term¬†loosely¬†given the recent electoral fraud which took place in March’s elections) ensuring that they are living in a safe environment. The one I’m going to pick on today is Russia’s airports.

If you’ve never travelled to Russia before, you’re in for a test of patience and will need to demonstrate your ability to count to 10 very slowly to prevent your blood from boiling with frustration. Getting off the plane is usually pain free, until you arrive at immigration, which depending on the airport and/or terminal, can take upwards of an hour.

But you’re through….out in the lovely smog, car exhaust and tobacco filled fresh air that is Russia. Now you have to go back. And this is where the hilariousness takes on its own unique and truly Russian facade. You see, you arrive in the terminal, only to come across the first of THREE (yes, count them…one two THREE) x-ray machines that you’ll have to pass through. And every X-ray machine is accompanied by the airport security stalwart, the metal¬†detector.

I might not get so aggitated if they were manned by people actually trained in detecting something like a bomb or knife or the Chechen terrorist standing in the queue behind me. But the fact of the matter is that they are NOT. It’s usually some spotty teenager either recently graduated from one of Russia’s various security/military services, or worse….hired by some rent-a-cop security company which earns millions by paying fuck-all to these clowns who wouldn’t know a bazooka from a bowl of borsch!

Worst yet, when I actually DO set off the metal detector, I just get “wanded” and then let through, even though the wand is singing like a love-struck canary. So I make it past the front door, now I need to go to the check-in desk. But wait, what do I spy with my little eye, ah yes…it’s ANOTHER x-ray machine and it’s siamese sister the metal detector. Only this time, these people (usually manned by large, rather hairy women with bad hair and worse make-up) look like they are airport employees. And they are deeper inside the airport, so they will definitely spot that Chechen who was behind me earlier….but am not so sure about the bazooka or bowl of borsch.

The mobile phones didn’t pass muster at all with these ladies. They had to be switched on, but the bowl of borsch made it through. In fact, anything with liquids passes through unimpeded. Which begs the question about why they have an issue if I bring on something that is 150ml, rather than 100ml, yet the five bottles of Ukrainian beer in my bags and the container of Polonium 210 go unnoticed.

But before I can get to the counter, I have to pass through someone who checks my passport. They are not immigration, not from the airline and who the fuck knows why they are there. They have not grasped the concept that if I have an EU passport, that I can basically go anywhere in the Western hemisphere without a visa (as it seems this is what they are checking). So they annoy all the EU passport holders with “do you have a visa for The Netherlands?”, and then ask you why not when you reply “No, I don’t need one”. This happens each and every time I fly! With my little sticker stamped onto my passport, I am let through.

Bags checked through, boarding pass in hand, the next and final hurdles are immigration (easy) and security (AGAIN!!). When you pass immigration, the next muppet you encounter is the boarding pass checking guy (or sometimes girl). These are kids of about 18, whose sole task in life is to sit on their arse and check your boarding pass, and stamp it. Everything in Russia needs to be stamped, and the more stamps the better. They live to stamp stuff!! Sometimes though I get a kid who diligently looks at the details on my boarding pass before stamping it. My guess is that he’s a newbie, and the monotony has not yet suck in.

Lastly, I finally reach the pinnacle of Russian airport security…the final X-ray machine/metal detector combo. And here they at least look at the screen on the xray machine. At Sheremetyevo they’ve also installed one of those L3 ProVision scanners. This ¬†thing can scan and detect all¬†types of materials (metallic and non-metallic) such as liquids, gels, plastics, metals, powders, thin materials, ceramics. Why then when I pass through it with nothing found on my person I am frisked is beyond me. And the frisking is nothing more than a tap on my chest (one tap, and one tap only Vassily) and a tap on my back…that’s it.

But I am through and can now relax in the biz lounge safe in the knowledge that the Chechan was checking in for a different flight and the beer will make it safely home via the checked baggage.

The moronic reality of the whole charade is that it’s exactly that. After the devastating attack by a suicide bomber at Moscow’s¬†Domodedovo¬†airport in January 2011, President¬†Medvedev announced to the press how he wanted Israeli style security implemented across Russia. Fair enough, but if you want that level of security, you have to be a) willing to pay for it, b) willing to actually TRAIN the people tasked with carrying out the security screening, and c) install enough screening points so as to avoid long delays, that are so frequently the norm in every Russian airport I’ve travelled through.

After the attack in January 2011, Medvedev fired the regional official responsible for heading the Interior Ministry‚Äôs transport administration. He said at the time, ‚ÄúThose who did not work properly must be punished. All officials responsible for organizing the [security] process must be brought to their senses.” Well it seems that the ceremonious scalping of a deskbound official made it look like he was doing something about the situation, but in reality nothing has changed. You still have layabout police officers milling around the terminal talking to one another, or outside sucking on their 40th cigarette of the morning, and they are as mindful and aware of their surroundings as is my dog when a bowl of food in placed in front of his nose.

Lord only knows what will come of the influx of travellers for both the Olympics in Sochi in 2014 or when Russia hosts the World Cup in 2018. I think I’ll take a vacation during those eight weeks.

U.S. Style Healthcare Arrives In Netherlands

OK, so I hate the Dutch healthcare industry….that’s not new news. It is staffed by incompetent unprofessional buffoons who have no interest or incentive to treat patients, and now it seems that any last¬†vestige¬†of motivation or desire to live by their¬†Hippocratic¬†oath has vanished into thin air after the Dutch health minister’s announcement.

Edith Schippers announced that patients who want to be treated by a doctor or at a hospital which has no contract with their insurance company will now have to pay at least part of the bill themselves. Hmmmm…..doesn’t that sound familiarly like the type of crappy two-tiered system currently in place in the U.S. of A? Yup….sounds like it to me.

At the moment, the exorbitant health insurance I am FORCED to pay is supposed to cover the costs of treatment in any hospital across the Netherlands. Nevermind the fact that I already pay a crazy 52% income tax AND the 19% in sales tax on everything I buy. Surely this would have been enough to pay for the overpaid morons who don’t treat patients?

Apparently not, as the government, in their wisdom <sic> decided that insurance companies could go and negotiate with hospitals on the cost of treatment. So with hospitals forced to work towards lowering costs, you can see how one arrives at coming up with an incentive based on NOT treating patients….remember herself’s recent trip to the hospital after being bitten, or my own experience with the slow swimmers? Yup, no medicines given there…just¬†paracetamol¬†and washing detergent!!

With Schippers latest round of moronic Dutch logic, she’s now setting the country up for a two tiered rich vs. poor level of healthcare. According to her, insurance companies should no longer be forced to pay if their clients opt for a different hospital. Instead, we will be forced to pay higher premiums so as to avail of the “privilege” of being able choose where I want to go for treatment. I’m sorry, but the insurance companies already make billions in profits. Their employees are all over paid and not a single company has ever consider going down the route of “not-for-profit”, thus at least giving the illusion that they care about their customers/patients.

Not only will this be a problem at home, but imagine now if you need coverage whilst travelling abroad? Up until now, if I needed treatment abroad it was covered 100%. I can see now that this will no longer be the case and the next item to add to the growing list of exclusions.

Scarier yet, what happens when I arrive in the back of an ambulance. Will they refuse treatment because my health insurance doesn’t cover treatment in their hospital? Or if I am unconscious and unable to tell them where to take me, will I be left with a collosal bill when I am discharged?

There are so many things wrong with her idiotic thinking. Clearly Schippers has been thinking with her arse and not her brain, or, like her colleagues in Eastern Europe who all flock to Austria and Switzerland when they and their families need treatment, she has decided to let the proletariat eat cake whilst she jets off for private treatment outside the Netherlands.

It’s official…this country has finally gone to the dogs!

An Irishman’s Everest

Not exactly helping the worlds stereotypical image of Ireland and our fondness of the drink, this young fella beat the odds and overcame all sorts of adversity and challenges whilst trying to climb a hill in a VERY inebriated state at the student race day in Limerick.

Of course the crowd was there to help cheer him on. Not exactly his proudest moment I’m sure.¬†Perseverance¬†at it’s finest. It’s this dogged will and drive to be successful that has helped this little island through tough times before ūüôā