Math With A Blonde

I’m not sure if this is an indictment for the state of American education, if she is just THAT DUMB, or if it’s just another example of how vapid and brainless many young Americans have become, paying more attention to vanity and celebrity rather than picking up a book and educating themselves.

Mind you, why someone can’t answer something so simple is beyond me. Especially when she starts arguing with her husband towards the end. This poor guy is married to her….I just hope he is in charge of balancing the cheque book instead of leaving it up to her 🙂

One thought on “Math With A Blonde

  1. I cannot believe this is true…. not even a 4 year old would be this stuipid surely!!!!! its clear why he has married her, her talents lie elswhere as Vikki says to me, and she is very inteligent so clearly im the dumb one in our relationship!!

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