Aussies Don’t Swear

Really? Well, the ones I know do. In fact they’d put most Irish people to shame if it came to a swearing competition. Herself made this innate observation when we would hang out with our Aussie friends (of which we have many) and noted that she once thought that I had some choice language, until of course she met her first Aussie. Seems this trait for colourful articulative language was to be found amongst all our friends from Down Under.

Which begs the question about why these TV presenters had an American styled “politically correct/potty mouth” reaction to the woman who answered, in a very normal and accepted Aussie manner, so when asked would she like to win $10,000. I can’t for the life of me understand why they looked so shocked and appalled at the answer or reaction they got from Ms. Jay Grumley, when this is in fact par for the course across Australia. Or maybe the folks in TV-land are above ever using colourful language at all whenever tasked with overemphasising their surprise and delight and winning a few bob 🙂

Maybe they were expecting her to say “Strewth!”

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