Modern Take On Traditional Matryoshka

Herself would love this. There are so many variations out there of the traditional Matryoshka (“Russian Doll” for the Anglophiles out there) but they all seem to be variations upon a theme….i.e. the dolls tell a story or depict a chapter of an epic Russian novel or life event.

But Taiwan-based studio Pistacchi Design created this clever wooden matryoshka, titled “Little Red,” based on the classic fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. The crafted piece comes in three layers– Little Red Riding Hood sits inside the wolf, who is himself clad in  grandma’s cloak.

Beyond the delightfulness of incorporating such a familiar children’s story into the playful shape of the matryoshka, I love how the wolf peers out of pink cloak. A very clever, yet simple design alteration to the more traditional matryoshka – its a smart way of adding dimension to the matryoshka.


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