Waste Not, Want Not

I’ll readily admit to bin-diving. Given how much quality stuff that I saw simply thrown out on the street, never recycled, in an area I once lived in Amsterdam, it was almost a sin to pass it by and not even think about taking it and reusing it. In fact, one of my better finds was a black leather sofa which stood me in good stead until I moved into the house I own today.

Given this age we live in today, and the wastefulness that seems to be forever interlinked with consumerism and capitalism, one man is determined to turn one man’s trash into his own treasure. With supermarkets where he lives (incidentally, I doubt anyone would be surprised to learn it’s in the United States) chucking out entire truckloads of food, he has been able to provide for and put food on his family’s table that would have otherwise found its way into a landfill somewhere.

So the next time you find yourself between the aisles driving a shopping trolley, think before you put that next box or packet of whatever it is you think you NEED, and check your cupboards and fridge before you head off to the shops. You may find that you’ve got it in stock already, which will mean that you’re not adding to the billions of wasted food that gets binned annually across the globe

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