Electric Avenue

So you’ve seen the new advert for Renault’s new electric car range, right?

A clever little piece of advertising. But I can’t shift that nagging reality that pure electric cars are really only useful for things like the school-run or the weekly shop. Given that it takes upwards of 6 hours to recharge the thing when you’ve run out of juice, it’s hardly the vehicle of choice for those trips to the south of France with caravan in tow. I doubt many Dutch will be buying them in large quantities for that very reason.

Why we have not pushed towards a more sustainable and logical solution like hydrogen cell powered cars is beyond me. It would eliminate the lacklustre tiny legs of current electric cars, enabling people to make continental crossings in the cars without the recharging hassles. And the only emission coming directly from the car would be water! Harnessing hydrogen can be done in an eco-friendly way too, by means of using renewable energy sources to capture hydrogen via electrolysis and then storing it for transportation and pumping into cars.

In fact, one cannot help think that the initial first owners of these pure electric cars aren’t going to go the way of those first “Betamax” owners. Who knows.

We’ll see what the take-up of these cars looks like soon enough. For now though, I think gas prices are set to only increase further and the combustion engine is unlikely to disappear any time soon.

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