‘Tis The Season – Parking Angels

Times are tough everywhere, but not more so than in my home country of Ireland. But it seems that there are still people and communities out there who are capable of the odd bit of lateral thinking, and who are willing to give someone else a helping hand, if not in the hope that the good deed bestowed on someone will be paid forward.

Enter the “Parking Angels“. They are a group of people employed by Ouzos Bar & Grill in both Blackrock and Dalkey (Dublin) who believed that the type of parking enforcement and the extremely aggressive way in which it is applied was damaging their business (aswell as everyone else’s).

They have taken it upon themselves to try and make their guests and potential guests feel welcome every time they come to Dalkey & Blackrock. Their Parking Angels will do their best to help as many people as they can. They keep an eye on the streets around the centre of Dalkey and Blackrock. If you get delayed while visiting and you’re parking ticket runs out they will try to spot it and put 50c in the meter, giving you a further 15 minutes + the 15 minutes grace you are entitled to.

Good marketing, good karma or just plain good? I know I’d eat there the next time I’m home!


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