Is It A Bird? No!!! It’s A North Korean Floating Traffic Warden!!

The bullshit and humour is strong with this one. I can’t really fault North Korea’s Kim Yong Il for his inventiveness on this solution. His solution, to which he has yet to suffer from in North Korea given how few cars there are on the streets of Pyongyang, is to dispatch traffic wardens from the sky to strategic traffic hotspots throughout the city.

The brainwave involves having the traffic girls strap themselves to a floating platform, by way of magnets in the platforms floor, and then they get pushed out from the back of a cargo plane so they can float down, by way of a very large umbrella (I guess parachutes are old hat to the North Korean’s) where they will land, aided by GPS to the exact location of the traffic jams.

I don’t know what made me laugh the most…that an umbrella is indeed capable alternate to a parachute in stopping a large heavy platform and very skinny Korean girl from falling at breakneck speed from above, the strapping in by magnets on the floor or the idea that it could be used to send enemy cargo trucks the wrong way in times of war. From the sounds of it though, the girl sounded pretty excited towards the end 🙂

Mind you, if it really is a viable and technically feasible solution, then I’d like to order several hundred for the cities of Moscow and Kiev please.

Don’t try this at home kids!

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