Taoiseach Sticking It To Europe

Taoiseach Enda Kenny visited his counterpart, Angela Merkel, in Germany yesterday and was in no way deterred in his compulsion to play hardball with his opposite number.

Seems like Enda has finally grown a pair and told Europe what they can do with their high jinxed plans of meddling with our affairs, especially when we’ve been subjected to a fiscal rubber glove treatment unlike anyone else in Europe….INCLUDING Greece!!

He even took the brave line of telling the press corps exactly how he felt about the EU and ECB’s efforts thus far to avoid contagion with the ever more likelihood of Italian economic collapse and the fact that the fractal efforts of the various eurozone governments have resulted in an inability to arrive at a cohesive consensus on ways to tackle the ever-growing financial crisis.

He expressed his opinion that the proposed increase of the EFSF doesn’t go far enough, nor do the proposals regarding the guaranteeing of sovereign bonds. His words went much further than any other EU leader has expressed to date, and it seems Angela was non too impressed by his candour and willingness to tell it how it is.

We will need to wait and see if this approach to standing up to Germany will backfire on us, or if it will result in the impetus for the EU to refrain from viewing Ireland as a backwater partner of the EU, a trumped-up nation who should know its place in the grander scheme of things. I however am quite pleased that our Taoiseach has grown a pair and decided that he’s not going to let Europe bully us.

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