NS Exporting Incompetence

Just when you think the rail service in the UK couldn’t get worse, one hears that the Dutch railway company, NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) was announced the winner of a bid to provide train services in East Anglia in the UK.

The train services are already notoriously bad in the UK. But it seems that the British and the Dutch may be well suited partners, since both are equally incompetent when it comes to running a railway service from point A to point B. In both countries it is perfectly acceptable to announce the cessation of services due to “leaves on the line” or the “wrong type of snow“! Christ, I’ve even heard the excuse of “morning dew” being used as the cause for the overhead lines to quit working!

Well, good luck to my British cousins. But please remember to go to the loo first, because you may end up being stuck on a Dutch train with nowhere to relieve yourself, since it has become standard practice here in the Netherlands to build trains without toilets nowadays.

Personally, I think NS should stick to focussing getting it right at home before they think about exporting their incompetence across the rest of the world. I really feel for the poor Germans who have to put up with NS’s German entity. Why would they have even thought that was a good idea to begin with? I mean, when the Dutch cancelled train after train last winter because they couldn’t cope with “all the snow” we had here, the Germans laughed at them because NS were still using gas heaters on the points to prevent them from freezing. The Germans of course upgraded years ago to electric heaters because they found that the pilot lights on the gas heaters would constantly extinguish under heavy snow conditions. Of course, having lived in Ukraine and Finland for a number of years, there’s bugger all over there that will stop THEIR trains from running. With a snow predicted again this year, it’s going to be an interesting winter.

Oh well…..ALL ABOARD!!

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