Hypocrisy Of Western Governments

I came across this this other day, and wanted to share it with you all. The video, which highlights the hypocrisy spouted by western politicians, speaks for itself. Our governments happily stick their beaks where its not wanted, using the ideologies of spreading moral and democratic values as an excuse to invade, occupy and war against foreign nations. And they do this in OUR name! But when those same values and ideologies, thought lacking abroad in tin-pot dictatorships, are exercised at home, what happens?

One of two things happen….either it’s stamped out with force via the local constabulary, or it’s simply ignored, viewed with the same disdain as an annoying mosquito. In the case of the “Occupy” protests now spreading globally it seems that BOTH methodologies have been implemented. The police crack down on protestors, and the government feigns deafness and expects that we’ll all get bored after a week and return to our humdrum proletariat little lives.

Take a look at the video, and then decide yourself what you’ll do next… lie down and take it, or speak up and find your voice to tell your government that you’re not putting up with their corruption, their cheating and their crap any longer. Exercise YOUR universal rights and demand a government for the people, BY the people!

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