Romania Teach Politics 101 To Dutch

The Dutch are fuming with the Romanians, who have decided to retaliate by playing a hard-ball game of Realpolitik with the Dutch government over the Netherlands’ recent announcement of their intention to veto the addition of Romania and Bulgaria joining Schengen.

In today’s Volkskrant, (here’s an article in English), it was reported that the Romanian authorities have stopped 15 trucks, packed with flowers, seeds and bulbs destined for Romania, on the grounds of bacterial contamination. Two trucks were seized and three were sent back to The Netherlands.

Of course, the Dutch are foaming at the mouth at the sheer audacity of the Romanians to pull such a stunt. I honestly do not think that they expected such a response, and they probably thought that the Romanian government would roll-over on its back and allow the veto to go ahead, unchallenged. But I am overjoyed that one of the smaller EU members has given a political “two-fingered salute” to the Netherlands concept of diplomacy and European partnership, and shown that they too have political clout, and will hit back where it hurts the most… the case of the Dutch, their wallets!!

I’ve already written about how the average Dutch vision of immigration TO the Netherlands is that they prefer the immigrant act in the role of subservient. If you have ever attended their “Inburgering” (Integration) courses, you would see that it is very much geared towards Islamic immigrants and it is extremely patronising. Their concepts revolve around the idea that these immigrants should aspire to be taxi drivers, cleaners, janitors and kitchen porters. And given the usual job roles the seasonal Romanian workers take when they come here, those same prejudices hold true to them.

Finally, the Dutch have had a taste of medicine, specifically designed to teach them how to behave towards their fellow European partners. I just hope that this political “David” will have the strength to continue their battle with the remaining “Goliaths” who are intent on keeping them out in the cold, only inviting them into the warmth when it suits them.

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