HP – Captain Of Industry Suffers Mutiny

So the board of HP have seen the light and fired that veritable deadbeat, Leo Apotheker, as CEO. In his stead, they have chosen a “safe pair of hands” in the guise of Meg Whitman. Whitman, however, may not entirely be the sharp-as-a-tack, business savvy exec that most of the world makes her out to be. Let’s not forget her “lemon”, when she bought Skype for $4.1 billion in cash, only to later sell it for $2.75 billion.

The jury is also out on whether or not she can deliver the goods for a company who a) is so dysfunctional right now, b) has haemorrhaged key leaders in a brain drain after Apotheker’s appointment, and c) has far more fingers in far more pies than she has ever been exposed to in the past.

For now, the Street has voiced its concerns by way of dumping the stock still, and only time will tell if this latest mutiny will steer HP out of its current choppy waters.

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