Finally…Proper Healthcare In NL??

It seems that SOS-Medecins, who have been trying to gain a foothold here in the Netherlands to offer 24-hour home visits by a doctor, may be realised soon. They’ve only been trying to provide this service in the Netherlands for FOUR YEARS!!! Unlike the rest of the civilised world, however, Dutch doctors do not make home visits. In fact, you would probably have to be laying in your bed dying before they would even contemplate making a home visit, and even then they would most likely only prescribe paracetamol and bed rest, and maybe advise calling for an ambulance.

However, SOS-Medecins, which I was first introduced to via Michael Moore’s documovie “Sicko“, was set-up by a French doctor in Paris when he found out that he could quite easily get a plumber 24 hours a day, but not a doctor…which made no sense to him. The French get a bad rap from their European and world partners for almost everything. But two pillars they stand strong on are social justice and free effective healthcare for all. SOS-Medecins is simply a extension of that healthcare policy.

Not only do the French have well educated and effective medical staff, but they also believe in using medicines to improve a patients condition, they believe in the idea that it should be free, and that no insurance executives should profit by charging exorbitant premiums for a service which provides fuck-all in return by way of a shitty healthcare system….some the Dutch system manages to do in spades.

I welcome this change, however I DO NOT welcome the fact that the Dutch seem hell-bent on not allowing it to be covered by the basic insurance package. With a declining birth-rate and a growing elderly population, it will absolutely be the case the the old and infirm will not be able to drag their ailing bodies to the doctors office, and we know that a Dutch doctor won’t be arsed to go and visit them at home. It’s a small, but positive step in the right direction. Perhaps eventually the Netherlands will attain the position as a sophisticated and civilised society, and not hide behind this charade of a tolerant, racially accepting society it tries to portray to the rest of the world, but which I know is very far from the truth.

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