Dutch Xenophobia (Part 2)

They really are a petty minded xenophobic bunch, the Dutch. Not content with whinging and moaning about Poles “taking all our jobs”, they are now pointing the finger at the Poles for “taking all our fish”!!!

In an article in today’s Telegraaf, the Polish nationals living in the Netherlands are accused of fishing Dutch lakes and rivers free of carp and pike to eat or sell on the black market. The accusations come from members of local fishing clubs.

The situation is apparently so serious that the clubs are now employing extra controllers and publishing information in Polish, the paper said.

The problem has arisen because eastern Europeans do not put the fish they catch back, the paper says. ‘The have other ethics and culture,’ a spokesman for the national fishing organisation Sportvisserij Nederland said.

Personally, I have never understood this “catch and release” policy for a start. For a start, how do you know that the fish you just released won’t be so damaged from the fishing hooks that it will actually survive? And are there really that many Poles out fishing that local stocks are being seriously depleted? I seriously doubt that the situation is as bad as these xenophobic Dutch make it out to be.

Now I know that the Telegraaf is the Dutch newspaper equivilant of America’s FOX News, or the UK’s Daily Telegraph or Daily Mail, who’s readership consists mostly of right-wing conservatives, and as such the article is simply reading fodder those voters who would ordinarily vote for the PVV or Christian Democrats and vow to deport every last foreigner from Holland’s shores. But the sad fact is, that these types of article get picked up and reprinted by the liberal media, resulting in a frenzy of “expat-itis” even amongst the more liberal Dutch. Next thing you’ll know, they’ll be arranging a re-enactment of Kristallnacht here in Holland, only it won’t be just the Jews they’re after!

What’s next….a tax on the air we breath in the Netherlands just because we’re not Dutch?

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