Dutch Xenophobia Encouraged By Britain

I for one will be voting AGAINST this ridiculousness in the next EU elections. For a start, it’s a backwards step towards a harmonised Europe, whereby every EU citizen has the right to live and work anywhere in Europe.

The problem the Dutch and British have is that they are “Welfare States” who suffered guilt trips when they opened the flood gates to uncontrolled immigration back in the 70’s and 80’s. They offered up free housing and welfare benefits to these new immigrants from Turkey, Pakistan, Morocco and the Caribbean. These immigrants were given hand-outs on the pre-text that this was a short-term thing, and leg up if you will, until they found a job or started up their own business.

And in most instances it did work. But in the cases where it didn’t, rather than revoke their immigration status and send them home, they continued to pay these free-wheeling leeches of society, further re-enforcing the notion that these immigrants need not bother looking for work because they will always get a hand-out from the State.

So now we fast forward to today. The Dutch have a problem with Poles who come here to work, who paid their taxes when employed and now unfortunately find themselves out of work on on the unemployment line. What are they to do? If you ask a Dutchman, they would answer “Go back home!”. All well and good, but I paid my taxes here sunshine, so I want the Dutch government to give me what I am owed! Personally, if I have paid taxes, and then find myself unemployed, I would begin to think that my social welfare contributions are returned to me in the form of unemployment benefits. Afterall, isnt; that what would happen to a Dutchie? BUT….and here’s the sanity part….put a time limit on it. In other-words, the same “stamp” system they use in Ireland could be used across the EU. If you have paid “X” weeks in taxes (i.e. earned a tamp each week of employment) in a given year, you are entitled to “Y” number of weeks of unemployment. After that, the money stops. You can then go elsewhere in Europe to look for work or head back home.

But cutting people off the benefits that they would have received if they were born in Holland, irrespective if they contributed to society by way of paying their fair share to the Exchequer and forcing immigrants to “integrate” is bollocks .I am damn sure that if you tried telling a Dutchie that he/she is not entitled to unemployment benefits, even though they paid their taxes, they’d have a fucking conniption!

People tend to gravitate to countries where they already have a support network in place…..someone who knows their way around, can help with the paperwork and can help you find a place to stay. They will over time learn the language and customs of their host country, ,or if they are only intending to stay for a year or two, they will often wonder what is the point, and keep themselves to themselves, pay their taxes and keep out of everyone elses way. This is the preferred option if you talk to most Dutch, so why they feel that they must force an Irishman, Pole or Spaniard to learn Dutch is beyond me. 90% of these people have already found a job before arriving in the host country, so day-to-day language skills are a non-event because they obviously spoke the operating language of the company who hired them in the first place. And what of the Dutchies working and living abroad? I work in Russia a lot, and do I know any Dutch that can speak Russian?….No! ….Why?….”Because it’s sho difficult to learn dis crazshy language” is the reply I get. Hmmmm….wonder what the Bulgarians and Poles think of Dutch as a language 🙂

Rather than passing the blame onto the citizens of Europe, as the Dutch and British governments are now trying to do, they should look at their OWN welfare system and ask themselves if what they are doing as a government makes any sense? Does paying out millions of euros to lazy European citizens makes any sense. If paying welfare to people no longer living in the country (as was the case with the taxi driver in San Diego I met who is STILL getting Dutch welfare, as are thousands of Moroccan families “registered” in Holland) makes sense. If the answer is no, then go and fucking change it! But STOP picking on the simple EU citizen who pays his taxes and only wants what is rightfully owed to him.

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