Don’t Mess With Matt Damon

I literally stumbled upon this video the other day. Whilst I’m not one of these bleeding heart lefties who thinks that what spurts out of the mouths of Hollywood’s “A” list should be espoused as genuine political debate fodder, I AM someone who hates idiot American girls, masquerading as someone who has a functioning brain between their ears, when really, it’s more likely than not that they fucked the executive producer to land their first job as a “reporter”…..and I’ll use that LAST term loosely.

Matt was in the US at a “Save Our Schools” rally, along with his Mom who is a teacher, when afterwards, some bimbo reporter asks him if teachers who have “job security” (American for “we can’t just fire your ass”) have no incentive to actually teach America’s children and thus implying that this is the reason for Americas poor educational standards.

I’m not sure which is my favourite bit….the camera man spouting out some made up, conjured out of thin air “fact” that 10 percent of all teachers are bad, and when challenged where he got that little tidbit, replied “I don’t know, aren’t 10 percent of every profession bad?“. Rule number one as a cameraman is to hold the camera and film what’s in front of you whilst keeping your fucking mouth shut. Given how much head this “reporter” must have given to get IN FRONT of the camera, I’m surprised she didn’t tell the cameraman just that!

Or maybe my favourite bit was when this airhead reporter claims that “She (Damon’s mother) was a teacher, I was in school. I’m JUST as educated as she is“……O KAY!! So, going to school and playing the popularity game, dancing like a muppet in cheerleading class (or whatever it is American teens deem essential curricular activities these days) and landing some lame ass job as a supposed reporter does not exactly exhibit a high degree of education now, does it?….Especially when you factor in the possible casting couch.

So well done to Matt Damon……I think he’s fast becoming the 21st century replacement for Chuck Norris 🙂

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