The Loud Dutch hate other Loud Dutch

It seems that some rude Dutch people are pissing off all the other rude Dutch people by speaking too loudly on their phones!

Amazingly, in a survey commissioned by Intel, 79% of people complained that people speaking too loud on their phone annoys them, yet only 3% admitted that they do it themselves! I think someone was telling porkies when they filled in Intel’s survey.

Another interesting bit for me was that the 18-24 year old population don’t see a problem in broadcasting the details of last nights latest conquest to the entire train carriage on the way into work, whereas only 23% of the more mature 55 year old demographic did. Clearly those in the 23% group are going through some kind of mid-life crises or recent divorces and are proudly advertising the fact that they are back in the dating game 🙂

For a nation who can rival the Americans for loudness and shouting whilst carrying on a normal conversation, I am frankly not surprised by the results. Given that most Dutch people have a propensity and are happy to pass the blame and criticism onto others, rather than looking at themselves in the mirror first the results were to be expected.

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