Dutch logic….Prisons update

Just when I thought the Dutch Justice System could not get more ludicrous, along came this story.

A man recently spent four nights in jail because when he was stopped by police for a minor offence, the officers found that he still had an outstanding fine of €40 for cycling his bike without any lights. He was arrested and taken to the police station. A friend came to his aid by offering to pay the fine later that same evening, but was told by the officers at the station to “go away”.

The next day, the man was moved to Almere where there was no-one to deal with the fines because it was the weekend. Another cell mate offered to pay the cash, but this was not accepted either.

In the end, the man spent four nights in jail before he was released. After all this, the national ombudsman awarded this guy compensation of €345.

I don’t know what’s worse….the fact that the police will arrest you for a fine still outstanding, or their complete belligerence to the man’s fate when his friend came to help him out, or the fact that he was ultimately better off at the end of this because he was awarded compensation because the people charged with dealing with the individual were typically “Dutch” and not interested in resolving a problem, rather preferring to sit on their hands and let someone else deal with it.

So you can really see, after my previous post on the Dutch Justice System, that crime really does pay! Now…..where’s my bike? 🙂

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